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Use our A2P Messaging platform to send marketing MMS or transactional SMS to your customers in order to promote, notify, update, alert, remind, inform, sell and much more.

Lowest Pricing

Thanks to the large volumes of SMS passing through our platform, we can bring the cost down for our clients and offer some of the most competitive pricing in the market.

Direct Connections

CLICKSUMO is integrated directly into over 1000 Mobile Network Operators in 200 countries for SMS and across the APAC region for MMS, giving your marketing campaign an extensive reach.

Powerful SMS & MMS Platform
Save Money with CLICKSUMO

Low-Cost SMS & MMS

CLICKSUMO is a leading mobile messaging provider with competitive pricing, and global coverage for SMS and HLR Lookup, and coverage across the APAC region for MMS.

We approach mobile messaging as a service, all in the Cloud, taking the technical burden away from our clients and addressing the mobile messaging needs of business of all sizes ranging from Startup to SME, Brands, Agencies, Apps Developers, Enterprises, Blue Chips, even Mobile Operators and MVNOs.

Increase your reach, cut your costs, and start using A2P SMS and MMS creatively to promote, notify, update, alert, remind, inform, sell and much more.

CLICKSUMO SMS Free Setup and Easy Integration

FREE Setup & Easy Integration

Setup is FAST, EASY, and best of's FREE!

We do all the heavy lifting and take care of the technology part for you, so that you can get up and running quickly and focus on sending SMS to your customers in record time.

Through various global partnerships with best in class providers, CLICKSUMO is able to offer a reliable and scalable messaging platform to suit the needs of organizations of all sizes. With billions of SMS passing through our platform and a deep integration into 1000+ mobile network operators and MVNOs, you can send SMS, reliably and at a low cost to 200 countries.

Reach ALL Mobile Phones

SMS is the most ubiquitous form of messaging, as every phone can receive SMS. No need to know the device brand, type or operating system. Reach them anytime, anywhere.

Alphanumeric SenderId

Alphanumeric SenderId is available in most countries, so you can easily send SMS to your audience coming from your Brand instead of a random long phone number.

Web Portal

You can access your online CLICKSUMO account with your username and password. The Web Portal requires no technical knowledge and no programming at all.

Easy Setup & Integration

The setup is FREE and the integration is easy (detailed APIs provided). You can start sending SMS worldwide or run HLR (Number Context) requests, in record time and at no cost.

For Businesses of All sizes

We offer mobile messaging as a service, to address the needs of clients of all sizes ranging from Startup to SME, Enterprises, Blue Chips, even Mobile Operators and MVNOs.

When SMS turned 20...

On Dec 3, 2012, SMS had its 20th birthday, and CLICKSUMO celebrated by doing an exclusive interview with the man, who sent the world’s first SMS, Neil Papworth. Read Interview


A2P Messaging Services

   Multimedia Messages (MMS)

Just like SMS, MMS is a powerful way for brands to reach their audience with their marketing message. But MMS is much more powerful than SMS text messages, as it is about 2000 times bigger and allows you to send multimedia messages with rich content such as images, slideshows, videos, audio, unlimited text and more...

   Bulk SMS (A2P Messaging)

In spite of the fast growing usage of Apps, and as phones are becoming smarter than ever, SMS is still king, and remains the only way to reach ANY mobile phone user, anywhere, without having to know what type of mobile phone they have, operating system, model, or brand. Think about it, even WhatsApp is using A2P SMS to send you a PIN when you change devices. We rest our case.

   HLR Lookup

Keep your phone numbers healthy with our HLR Lookup service for database cleansing & mobile number validation in real-time. HLR give a number context allowing you to check the validity of a list of mobile numbers with important details about those numbers e.g. Are they still active? Which operator are they with? Are they ported? Are they currently roaming?

   2-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Our 2-Factor Authentication allows you to secure your application or service by relying on the user's mobile phone to receive an additional login credential, a one-time password (OTP) or PIN number, delivered via SMS.


Application-2-Person (A2P) messaging is currently the most popular communication channel in the world, with 1.4 trillion A2P SMS messages sent in 2014, expected to grow to 2 trillion by 2019.

What's in it for us? CLICKSUMO is a provider of A2P messaging services and plays an integral part in a market, where A2P messaging is the key driver of current worldwide SMS revenues, and is worth $70Bn. That's a good reason.

What's in it for you? The answer is simple, by choosing CLICKSUMO, you choose an expert provider that has, through innovation and global partnerships, created a powerful platform with a wide range of messaging services for your business, and at the most competitive rates on the market.

CLICKSUMO addresses the needs of businesses of all sizes (SME's, Start-Ups, Enterprises, Marketing Agencies, Apps Developers), to allow them to send small quantities as well as for very large ones (up to 10000 SMS/sec).

When you choose CLICKSUMO, you have no minimum commitment or limit. In fact, CLICKSUMO operates on a Pay As You Go prepaid model for Bulk SMS and HLR Lookup, to make it easy for you to control and manage your costs.

Try the CLICKSUMO messaging platform for FREE, and start reaching your audience with marketing messages, promotions, transactional messages, reminders, alerts and much more.


Pricing in Euros

SMS Global Coverage
200 countries from 0.015

Volume Discounts

Connections: DC SMPP, SS7

200 countries

1000+ Mobile networks

from as low as 0.14

Hong Kong



Mainland China


HLR (Number Context)
from only 0.002

Database Cleansing


Roaming Info

Volume Discount

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