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3 Ways To Use HLR Lookup

There are 3 main use cases for the clickSUMO HLR Lookup service (also known as Number Context or Number Validation):

   Database Cleansing:

Clean up your database of mobile numbers by getting rid of unused and inactive numbers, and cut unnecessary costs.


Resolve number portability issues with real-time number portability lookups to optimise message and voice routing, and save money.


Mostly used by clients in the financial sector to get roaming information to optimise routing, reduce costs, prevent fraud, and more.

HLR Lookup Made Easy

Getting started with HLR Lookup is very easy, integration is trivial, and most clients get up and running within just a day. In addition, the extremely low cost of HLR Lookup, plays a huge factor in the large demand and popularity of the clickSUMO HLR Lookup service.

Flat Low Pricing

Unlike SMS, which has a different rate depending on country and mobile network operator, we have set a flat price worldwide for our HLR Lookup service (ranging between 0.004 EUR and 0.008 EUR per request, depending on your monthly volumes).

Clean Up Your User Base

Companies such as Marketing agencies, and financial institutions, relying on mobile phone numbers, can easily clean up a large databases of phone numbers, accumulated over time, and ensure they move forward with a healthier and more accurate audience.

Home Location Register (HLR)

Check the validity of a list of mobile numbers with extended details about those numbers (e.g. operator identification and roaming information).

Our HLR Lookup service is tailored to meet the requirements of service providers, financial institutions, and call centers, in need for keeping a healthy contact number for their customers or prospects.

It also addresses the needs of Tier1 and Tier2 mobile network operators to provide high-speed access to complete MSISDN information, including HLR, home network details (e.g. MCC/MNC, country prefix and ported status), and visited network information (e.g. where the subscriber is roaming).


By running their large database of mobile numbers through the HLR Lookup platform, companies easily increase the value of their user base and reduce the cost of trying to communicate with inaccurate numbers.

Pricing in Euros

SMS Global Coverage
75 countries at less than 0.015

Volume Discounts

Connections: DC SMPP, SS7

200 countries

1000+ Mobile networks

HLR (Number Context)
from only 0.002

Database Cleansing


Roaming Info

Volume Discount

SMS Cheapest Destinations
from as low as 0.0042




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