MMS Multimedia Messaging
A Revolution In Mobile Marketing

clickSUMO offers MMS multimedia messages to marketing agencies

MMS is 2000 bigger than SMS!

We offer MMS services, allowing brands and marketing agencies to send multimedia messages to mobile subscribers from our application (A2P MMS)

What's the difference with SMS? It's 2000 times bigger and allows multimedia content not just text!

Create powerful MMS marketing messages with pictures, slideshows, animated gifs, videos, audios and more.

We currently offer the MMS service in India, Hong Kong and Mainland China.

MMS...A Powerful Marketing Tool

Long Text

No text limitations like in SMS, no more concatenated messages due to limit of characters. Send unlimited text in an MMS instead.


Send an MMS with an image, a photo, a slideshow of multiple images, an animated gif, or your brand logo


MMS usually has a capacity of about 300kb, which allows for a good quality 15sec video to be send in a message.


Send a song sample, a music file, or any type of audio content that fits within the capacity of the MMS (usually 300kb).