Why SMS is still King

As mobile devices have become such an important part of our everyday life, one could wonder how we ever lived without them, SMS is undoubtedly the most widespread usage of the mobile phone with over 7 trillion SMS sent per year.

Key facts:

  • There are more and more phones and more people using them than ever (6bn subscribers).
  • People use their phone mainly for texting, anywhere in the world, and they use their phones both for personal and professional purposes.
  • Every second, millions of people, around the world, of all ages, social status, technical ability and languages, text passionately on their mobile phone.

Messaging from subscriber to subscriber is referred to as P2P. However, every SMS that is originated from, or terminated to, an application is called A2P.

Both categories of SMS, sent from a subscriber to an application and sent from an application to a subscriber are counted in A2P traffic, which is currently growing faster than the more standard P2P messaging. In fact in a few years from now, P2P revenues will start to slowly decline, while A2P shows no such signs.

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