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clickSUMO SMS Free Setup and Easy Integration

The cost of each SMS varies depending on the country and mobile network operator. We have introduced a credit system to make it easier for you, where 1 credit = 0.01 EUR (1 ct).

When you topup your account buy 100 EUR, you purchase 10000 credits. As you use the clickSUMO service, you spend your credits, and once you run out of credits, you simply topup again.

Always make sure you have sufficient credits on your prepaid account to run your campaigns.

REMINDER: You need an account to topup credits.

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  • In Hong Kong, the average cost of SMS is 0.028 EUR so 2.8 credits. If you want to send 10000 SMS, you need 28000 credits, so you need to topup by 280 EUR.
  • The cost of HLR is flat across all countries and is on average 0.005 EUR so 0.5 credits. If you want to run 10000 HLR Lookup requests, you need 5000 credits, so you need to topup by 50 EUR.

If you have any queries about buying credits, feel free to contact our Support