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Application-2-Person or A2P messaging (the process of sending text messages to a mobile subscriber from an application as opposed to sending a text message from a phone) is a market worth $70Bn and is currently the most popular communication channel in the world, with 1.4 trillion A2P SMS messages sent in 2014, expected to grow to 2 trillion by 2019.

clickSUMO provides A2P messaging services specifically, and plays an integral part in a market, where A2P messaging is the key driver of current worldwide SMS revenues and P2P is in decline.

The trends and behaviour of mobile users over the years, were clear indicators that A2P Messaging was where the clickSUMO founders had to focus their effors. In 7 years, clickSUMO and its various mobile services, have won accolades, been praised by the industry and positioned clickSUMO as a global messaging player with great pricing and connectivity across a global landscape of mobile network operators and partners.

Investment Opportunity

clickSUMO is part of TFC Group, a privately held holding, based in Hong Kong, with engineering and sales effort spread across Europe and Asia.

Investing in clickSUMO and joining the seasoned team of entrepreneurs behind it is a great opportunity for technology savvy VC and Angel investors, who invest in start-ups in growth phase rather than those in need for seed capital investment.

While not actively looking for funding, we are always opened to discussing opportunities with individuals, who are interested in becoming part-owner of our leading messaging platform with customers on all continents using the clickSUMO services such as Bulk SMS and/or HLR Lookup (also called Number Context and Number Validation).

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A Team Of Expert

Founded by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and award-winning telecom experts, clickSUMO has established itself as a preferred messaging partner and advisor for brands and companies in over 30 countries.

Competitive Advantage

SMS is a competitive market with many players. We opted for high-quality direct connections (DC), and a lowest pricing strategy for Bulk SMS and HLR Lookup, making clickSUMO the go-to partner for Messaging.

Innovative Approach

We entered the bulk messaging market with a Technology-free approach for our clients, taking all the burden away from them with our Cloud-based services platform, a set of easy-to-implement REST APIs, and a Web Portal.