Use Cases
Bulk SMS & HLR Lookup

clickSUMO SMS Use Case: Activation Codes

#1 Activation Codes

SMS are used by Mobile Apps (e.g. WhatsApp, Viber, Line and many more...) to send Activation Codes in order to validate the phone number of the user and activate new accounts. This also works for websites and Social Networks (Facebook, Google etc...)

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clickSUMO SMS Use Case: One-Time Passwords

#2 One-Time Passwords

SMS are used by Wifi Hotspot Providers for example, who send users a password for Wifi Hotspot usage. The ubiquity of SMS means that providers can reach any phones, regardless of brand, type, and OS.

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clickSUMO SMS Use Case: Booking Confirmations

#3 Booking Confirmations

Most leading hotel booking websites (,, Agoda, AirBnB etc...) use SMS to send a booking confirmation. The SenderId can be set to the Brand rather that a random long phone number, reinforcing the Brand awareness for the receiver.

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clickSUMO SMS Use Case: Shopping & Promotions

#4 Shopping & Promotions

SMS can be used to send special offers and promo codes for discounts on websites. The Alphanumeric SenderId can be set to the Brand rather that a random long phone number, to reinforce the Brand presence.

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clickSUMO SMS Use Case: Bank Transactions

#5 Bank Transactions

SMS are heavily used by banks and financial institutions to send transaction notices to their customers and to prevent fraud. By using SMS, banks can ensure that their customer is reached, regardless of the mobile phone brand, type or OS.

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clickSUMO SMS Use Case: Event Reminders

#6 Event Reminders

SMS can be used as reminders, by scheduling the sending requests. Furthermore, the ability to have a clickable phone number in the message is a powerful way to trigger a direct Call-To-Action.

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clickSUMO HLR Lookup use case: Number Validation and database cleansing

#7 Number Validation & Cleaning

Companies such as marketing agencies, Apps developers, and financial institutions, which rely heavily on mobile phone numbers, can now very easily clean up their large databases of phone numbers, accumulated over the years, in order to ensure that they move forward with a healthy and more accurate customer base.

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